Agreed Divorce

Often times spouses have agreed as to how their divorce case will be resolved. Cases such as these, which are agreed upon by the parties, are quicker, simpler and cheaper.  Because of the agreement, a spouse would only need to find and hire an attorney that will work toward legally finalizing the agreement as opposed to destroying it.  Anderson Legal Group charges a reduced retainer since there will not be any contested hearings.  This results in savings to the client.

Anderson Legal Group will work diligently to resolve the client’s goals in the matter that they desire. To that end, advice is given which specifically addresses the delicate nature of these agreements.  Our team will also work with you to make sure that your agreement is “fair.” Specifically, we will inform you as to what the Judge would probably do in a case such as yours.  By understanding how the Court will react, and what the law affords, one is better able to choose how to resolve their case.

If you feel you have an agreement, and you just need the Court to finalize it, please contact us so that we might be able to assist you.