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Nothing in the world is more important than your children.  When litigation occurs over your child you need help to protect your interests and relationship with your child. At Anderson Legal Group, we are highly experienced in litigation regarding children that occurs in Denton, Tarrant and Dallas Counties of Texas.

In Texas, Courts use the word “Conservatorship” to discuss which parent should manage the child’s life.  In extreme cases,  one party may not be capable of raising the child or managing the child’s life.  For example, maybe the child is being exposed to unsafe or harmful situations.  Sometimes these cases include issues where the conservators cannot agree on the choice of school, or how to resolve developmental concerns of the child.  We have the working relationships with therapists and other mental health professionals to help prepare such a case to accomplish your specific conservatorship goals.  However, this is only able to be done by developing a good relationship and being able to listen to your goals.  This is something that every attorney at Anderson Legal Group strives for so that we can accomplish your custody objectives

In Texas, Courts use the word “possession” to define parenting time of each conservator.  While the presumption is that the Texas “standard” visitation is generally appropriate–this is not always the case.  Often, clients desire to have equalized possession periods, for example a week-on/week-off possession schedule.  Sometimes, parents may only need to have a few hours a week until they develop skills to provide the appropriate care for an infant.  Regardless of your goals and facts, our attorneys will work diligently to obtain the relief that you desire.  During the process, we will answer your questions and explain the fundamental differences of each type of possession.  Our collective work and legal expertise will in turn empower you to be an informed parent.

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