Complex Divorce

If parties do not agree and assistance is necessary, you need a law firm that understands litigation and is comfortable in the courtroom. Furthermore, you need a team that has working relationships with expert witnesses to help prepare your divorce case for trial.

Anderson Legal Group is very familiar with complex litigation and is prepared to protect your rights. Board Certified Family Law Attorney, Andrew J. Anderson, spends a large portion of his day either in Court or preparing for Court. Mr. Anderson works diligently to present creative solutions for clients so that litigation expenses can be limited. Specifically, he uses every opportunity to attempt to resolve the case, or at least narrow the issues prior to trial. This results in cost savings to the client, and increased control of the eventual outcome of the client’s case. These benefits are expected by our clients and we pride ourselves on providing these options to our clients.

Complex divorce issues can include issues relating to: protecting separate property, dividing family businesses, dealing with family limited partnerships and crafting workable customized possession schedules.

If you are looking for an attorney that you can communicate with without the feeling of being judged—let Anderson Legal Group listen to and address your specific goals.  Please contact us today to get started.