Carrie K. Tapia

Carrie K. Tapia joined the legal profession with a desire to assist those needing a voice in the legal system. Ms. Tapia also holds a Masters Degree (in Social Work) from the University of Texas and uses her skills from this background to assist her clients in navigating the legal system. Ms. Tapia listens as her clients describe the issues they are facing and she then collaborates with them to ensure their objectives are met.

Ms. Tapia is empathetic to her clients’ struggles and recognizes that any involvement with the legal system, whether a family law matter or criminal law matter, disrupts a person’s entire life as well as the lives of loved ones. Likewise, Ms. Tapia recognizes that a change to one aspect of a client’s life effects changes in the rest of their life. Therefore, Ms. Tapia implements a problem-solving approach and works closely with her clients to alleviate the stress and confusion often caused by ongoing litigation.

Ms. Tapia strives to meet the needs of her clients by ensuring each client understands all of legal options. After a thorough review of the issue and potential legal remedies, Ms. Tapia’s clients are empowered to make the best decisions for their future. Ms. Tapia then supports clients throughout the process, offering options, explanations, and support until an end result is achieved.

Divorce Lawyer

Ms. Tapia represents clients in a variety of family law matters, including divorce and property division, custody disputes, child support modifications, and adoptions. Ms. Tapia previously worked as a conservatorship caseworker for Child Protective Services (CPS) and utilizes this experience to guide clients as they navigate through involvement with CPS.

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Areas of Practice

  • 100% Family and Criminal Litigation

Bar Admissions