Premarital Agreements

Premarital or Prenuptial Agreements

Purpose of a Premarital Agreement

A Premarital Agreement allows marrying couples to create their own, tailored outcome for the division of their assets and debts in the event of a divorce. These agreements are given great weight in Texas courts and can greatly simplify the division of assets and debts that takes place in a Texas divorce.

Process of Finalizing a Premarital Agreement

Finalizing a Premarital Agreement is a three-step process, which is outlined below.

1. Exchange Disclosures of Assets and Debts

Both parties will disclose to each other their assets and debts so that both parties can make an informed decision before executing the Premarital Agreement.

2. Execute the Premarital Agreement Prior to Marriage

After disclosing assets and debts, the parties must execute the premarital agreement. Our Firm has drafted several Premarital Agreements to protect a wide array of assets, and we have the expertise to make sure that your agreement meets your goals. Once the agreement is drafted, your future spouse should retain his or her own attorney to review the agreement and ensure that they understand and agree to its terms.

After both parties have reviewed the agreement with their attorneys, we arrange for the parties to execute the agreement in our office. It is best to arrange the signature as far ahead of the marriage date as possible so you are not rushed to get the agreement executed prior to marriage.

3. Ratify the Premarital Agreement After the Marriage Date

The best way to ensure that a Premarital Agreement is binding and enforceable on the parties is to have both parties ratify the agreement after the marriage date. We can arrange to complete this important step in our office. Once the agreement has been ratified then the process is complete.

Benefits of a Premarital Agreement

There are several benefits to a Premarital Agreement. These agreements can:

  • Identify specific assets and debts that will be awarded to each party in the event of divorce
  • Award property to one party that would normally be divided between the parties, such as houses, 401(k) accounts, etc.
  • Provide potential protections from paying attorney’s fees or spousal support if a divorce matter is filed

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