Firearms & Weapons Crimes

Texas Firearms Crimes

Texas has some of the most favorable laws regarding firearm possession and ownership, but it is still common for Texans to be charged with weapon, firearm, and gun crimes. Contrary to popular belief, some of the penalties for weapons charges in Texas can be quite harsh if the case is not handled properly.

Types of weapon and firearm charges in Texas:

  • Improper gun discharge
  • Possession of an illegal gun or carrying a gun illegally
  • Selling or gifting a gun illegally
  • Use of a weapon while committing a crime

There are various ways in which a Texas gun-owner (legally or illegally) may be charged with a weapon crime. Someone may tip off the police that an individual is in possession of a weapon or firearm illegally, or carrying a gun illegally.  Police may find a gun or other weapon on the body of a person during a stop and frisk, or at a routine traffic stop for speeding or other infractions of traffic laws, or for making an arrest on a separate charge.  Another common occurrence is for people to forget they have a weapon stored in hand carried luggage when they are at the airport.  Additionally, those who have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor domestic assault have certain other prohibitions regarding owning certain weapons.  If you find yourself facing unlawful possession of a firearm charges, call us for a free consultation

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