Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes in Texas

Proper representation is extremely important when a person is charged with any type of sex crime. Sex crimes range from obscene display (Class C misdemeanor) to aggravated sexual assault (first degree felony). (The Texas Penal Code does not use the term “rape,” but “sexual assault” or “aggravated sexual assault).

Sex Offender Registry

Convictions of certain sex crimes carry the added requirement of registering with the municipality or county where the person resides, along with the person’s name, address, and other identifying information. Any state licensing entity that has issued a professional or occupational license or certification to the person will be informed of the conviction. The requirement to register may last for the lifetime of a convicted individual.

This additional requirement for sex crimes carries serious consequences for a defendant’s personal and professional life for years to come. It is even more critical to obtain competent legal representation when charged with a sex crime. 

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