Paternity Cases

About Paternity Cases

When a child is born, the legal relationship between the mother and child is generally established. However, establishing a legal relationship between the father and the child (called paternity) can be more complicated.

If the mother and father are not married, it is important to have legal Orders in place to protect the rights of the mother, father, and child. This starts with the filing of a case called a Suit to Adjudicate Paternity. This special type of case is used to legally establish the parent-child relationship between the father and the child. The paternity needs to be established for the Court to Order a possession schedule, child support and allocating the parent’s rights to manage the child’s life.

Often, paternity is established with a DNA swab of the mouth of the child and the proposed father. The DNA test does not hurt and within about a week the results shall confirm whether the tested male is the father of the child. After the paternity issues have been resolved the Court will look to resolve the 5 issues of conservatorship (which can be reviewed at the ‘Child Custody Issues’ tab of our webpage).

Paternity matters are very important because they have the potential to change or create your relationship with the child. When you are ready for the best legal representation for achieving your results, and reducing your stress, contact us at 817-424-3405. During your free consultation, you will experience first-hand how our attorneys are the best fit for your Paternity matter.

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