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The local attorneys of Anderson Legal Group bring a wealth of experience and knowledge when representing you in your divorce, criminal, or probate/estate matter.  They are easily accessible and are only a phone call or email away.  The phones are promptly answered and anyone can set up an appointment so no time is delayed.  This is the first step of reducing your stress. It should never be stressful trying to get in touch with your attorney.


Andrew J. Anderson

Senior Managing Attorney, Andrew J. Anderson is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  He has also been named a Texas Super Lawyer for multiple consecutive years.


Paul G. Daly

Junior Partner, Paul G. Daly is also Board Certified in Family Law and he is passionate about finding creative, proactive solutions to accomplish his clients’ objectives. He is a patient and understanding listener, as well as a thoughtful strategist. In the courtroom, Mr. Daly is assertive and able to achieve results by careful presentation of the case to the Judge.


Carrie Tapia

Ms. Carrie Tapia is an Associate Attorney with Anderson Legal Group.  She utilizes her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Social Work, along with her prior work as a caseworker at Child Protective Services to provide her clients with a thorough understanding of the legal process and healthy ways to express their emotions during the litigation process.  Her unique style of using self-empowering problem-solving techniques teaches her clients life skills that will assist them well after the conclusion of the litigation.


Hannah Rector

Associate Attorney, Ms. Hannah Rector uses her formal undergraduate training in psychology and child development, in combination with her law degree from Georgetown University Law Center, to provide compassionate, yet aggressive representation. Ms. Rector’s skill sets are specifically helpful for clients dealing with an opposing party who has a personality disorder or mental illness, or a child that has special needs.  Ms. Rector’s compassionate nature keeps clients at ease while maintaining the drive needed to achieve the client’s objectives.


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Andrew J. Anderson, Senior Managing Attorney, Board Certified Family Law

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Paul G. Daly, Junior Partner, Board Certified Family Law

Divorce Attorney

Carrie K. Tapia, Associate Attorney

Hannah J. Rector -- Grapevine / Colleyville Divorce Attorney Hannah Rector, Associate Attorney